Being WipeSmart

The toilet is not a bin!

Despite how convenient it might be to drop that dirty wipe into the toilet—don’t do it! Stop and check if the wipe is flushable according to the Australian/New Zealand Flushable Products Standard: does the packaging have the ‘Flushable’ symbol (see below)?

Just because it goes down, out of sight, does not mean it is flushable—there are still pipes and other wastewater infrastructure to navigate. Non-flushable wipes must go in the bin. ​Having a bin in your bathroom is important!

How should you dispose of wipes?

Only flush wipes that have been assessed as flushable according to the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Flushable Products (AS/NZS 5328).

Have a look on the wipes pack for instructions on use and disposal. Hover over the blocks below to see the correct disposal method.

The wipe can be flushed down the toilet

Can you see…
• ‘Flushable’?
• One of these symbols?

The product must be disposed of in the bin

Or is there…
• One of these symbols?

If in doubt, or if there is no instruction, bin it! Blockages, smells, spills, expensive repairs—why risk it!

Need any more incentive? According to the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 No 156 (Part 5.2) it is an offence if ‘a person wilfully or negligently disposes of waste in a manner that harms or is likely to harm the environment’.

Beyond wipes – looking after the sewerage system

As well as non-flushable wipes, there are other things that should never be flushed down the toilet. Or, in some cases, go down any household drain! You might think these are harmless but they don’t break down in the pipes and can cause big problems.


A few more tips to get the best from your wipes

• Use wipes according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Check the ingredient list if you have sensitive skin or known allergies and stop using if there is a reaction.
• Keep containers tightly closed to keep wipes from drying out.
• Store as directed—temperature extremes may damage the product.
• Discard used wipes immediately—check packaging for disposal instructions and in most cases put in the bin.

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